by @ReinaAnnie

Alaska feels like the end of the other world. People who live in 24 hour sun or 24 hour night must, by nature, be extreme. I’m fascinated by them. Who intentionally inhabits the 49th state? I foolishly think I know ALL about the Alaskan psyche from reading Drop City by T.C. Boyle in 2003. Obviously my research has been exhaustive over the years.

In Seward we floated the fjords of Resurrection Bay, saw humpback whales, petted the arms of a Giant Pacific Octopus and narrowly avoided a bear attack/sighting on the trails. Wild beasts in their habitat. I loved the 18.39 hours of sunlight early spring provided. My internal clock burned like a midnight star.

Back in Anchorage we hiked, biked, ate delicious food, walking amongst the 49ers (not the right use, you say?) pretending as though their lives were normal and they didn’t live on the precipice of time.

Now I’m back in the lower 48, eating bowl 3 of honey nut cheerios for dinner, and watching the reunion of season 6 of RHOBH. Wild kingdom indeed.

Eagle Creek

Lake Eklutna

That’s a humpback whale!  We saw at least 6. No flipping of the flukes though, just quiet majesty slipping below the surface.

Bear Glacier!

Up close and personal with a Giant Pacific Octopus. This gal weighed 70 lbs and had recently given birth. She was nesting her egg sacs but came up to say hi to. Each